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Rosalind Arratoon: Sado-Masochism: Shock Horror. City University London 1992. MA
(listed as David Cronenberg-related)
Shehan Bonatz: “Reality perception, identity and violence in American film discussed at the example of David Lynch's Lost Highway (USA 1997) and David Cronenberg's eXistenZ (CAN 1999)”, [= Hochschulschriften, Bd. 2], trafo verlag 2003,  157 S., ISBN 3-89626-416-8

available here

Torben Bille Poulsen: The unapproachable body : an examination of the body in the films of David Cronenberg. 
1999. 107 pages.
Aalborg Universitet Forlag
Elaine Conroy: (The Films of David Cronenberg): University of Edinburgh 1999
Roberta Jill Craven (Phd):  Radical reads: From form to reform, an examination of the political impact of narrative structure (Herman Melville, William Faulkner, David Cronenberg, Michael Verhoeven).  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1999. 262 pp. Advisor: McGowan, John P.

There´s a brief abstract at the author´s personal website

Jo Eadie: Embodied politics and extreme disgust : an investigation into the meanings of bodily order and bodily disorder, with particular reference to the work of William Burroughs and David Cronenberg.

Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Nottingham, 1998

Alexandra Griffiths: Representations of the human body and mind in the films of David Cronenberg. Thesis (M.Sc.) - Science Communication, Department of Humanities, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London 2000 
Lorcan McGrain: New Flesh For Film Studies: David Cronenberg and the Horror of the Corporeal. ?,?
Ann Marie McKinnon PhD: The death drive: Cronenberg, Ondaatje, Gould (David Cronenberg, Michael Ondaatje, Glenn Gould). UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA (CANADA), 2001, 246 pages     /// -> Citation + Abstract
Jason Jorgen Archibald Morgan (MA): Perversion and national subjectivity in English Canadian cinema (Thom Fitzgerald, John Greyson, Atom Egoyan, Lynne Stopkewich, David Cronenberg). University of Calgary, 2000. 176 pp. Advisor: Savoy, Eric; Aclaud, Charles
Y. Mohsenzadeh: A minor apocalypse: theorising the pregnant body. Sussex 1998. One chapter deals with The Brood, The Fly and Dead Ringers. You´ll find the abstract here
S.J. Nairn: Culture, health and the emergency. Essex 1998. "Chapter eight examines cinematic representations and focuses largely on the emergency as spectacle, partly by erasing the emergency, in films like Godard's Weekend and Cronenberg's Crash, and by a vicarious fascination with extremes". 
You can read the abstract here.
Nguyen, Dan Thu: The 'projectile' movie revisited : the female body in Track 29 and Dead ringers. (available on microfiche)
Natalie Neill: The writerly adaptation (Peter Greenaway, Kazuyoshi Okuyama, John Madden, David Cronenberg). CARLETON UNIVERSITY (CANADA). 2000 (Master´s Degree)  151 pages
Polona Petek: The gaze and David Cronenberg - patriarchy's obedient son?  Published 2001. 64 leaves, bound ; 30 cm. Notes Typescript (photocopy)  Thesis (M.A.)--University of Melbourne, School of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology, 2001. Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references.
Christine Ramsay: Masculinity and Processes of Intersubjectivity in the Films of David Cronenberg. University of Toronto, 1999 (?YORK UNIVERSITY, 1998. 431 pp)
Jeanette Roan PhD: Fictions of faraway places: Travel, exoticism, and cinema from high imperialism to global culture (E. Burton Holmes, Bernardo Bertolucci, David Cronenberg, Ang Lee). THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 2001, 260 pages  // -> Citation + Abstract
Jason Jorgen Archibald Morgan  MA: Perversion and national subjectivity in English Canadian cinema (Thom Fitzgerald, John Greyson, Atom Egoyan, Lynne Stopkewich, David Cronenberg). UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY (CANADA), 2000, 176 pages. // -> Citation + Abstract
Jodi L. Weir:: Performing gender: Transgenderism as critique (David Cronenberg, Sally Potter).  MA. CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, 1999. 85 pp. Advisor: Synnott, Anthony
James N. Yates  (PhD): David Cronenberg as Mythmaker: An archetypical interpretation of his films, 1975-1991 (Ontario). Oklahoma State University, 1995. 192 pp.
Dr. Yates: Dissertation Topic: Film Director David Cronenberg. Oklahoma State University (Stillwater)