In many ways, Dead Zone meant a breakthrough for David Cronenberg with him entering new filmic territory. Not counting 'Fast Company', it´s his first film based on a script by someone else, an adapted version of the novel by Stephen King.                    

Dead Zone touches a few aspects that are uncommon in the rest of Cronenberg´s works: religion and moral values in general.  Certainly this is already rooted in the book, but it is amazing how carefully Cronenberg develops his characters here. John Smith is along with the Mantle twins in Dead Ringers one of his fullest and deepest  protagonists.   

In his book on the horror genre, Stephen King lists a couple of Cronenberg´s filmsamong the most important (hooror) films ever. He had some objections to the final Dead Zone movie, the fact that his own version of a script was turned down might have beena factor.

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