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Jonathan Coe: There is no paedophilia or sexual humiliation in 'Crash.' Neither is there any merit. But we should still defend it from the censors and moralists. New Statesman June 6, 1997

Li Xueying: Tracing Mental Images. Identity and existence in the postmodern landscape of eXistenZ and I Love a Man in Uniform. In: Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

Heidi Nelson Hochenedel: Understanding Simulacra and Simulation in David Cronenberg's eXistenZ

Hassan Melehy: Images Without: Deleuzian Becoming, Science Fiction Cinema in the Eighties. In: Postmodern Culture v.5 n.2 (January, 1995) (Cronenberg and more)

A Comparison between the Theories of Marshall McLuhan and two films by David Cronenberg, Deepsouth v.6.n.3 (Spring 2000)

David Cronenberg's Somatic Dialectic An Essay by Douglas Mann)

FROM CINESPACE TO CYBERSPACE: Zionists and Agents, Realists and Gamers in The Matrix and eXistenZ (Journal of Popular Film and Television, 2001)

eXistenZ: Where Game meets Reality (on the visual effects by Toybox)

Technology's Body: Cronenberg, Genre, and the Canadian Ethos  

Psychoplasmics Body Mutation and Dualism in the films of David Cronenberg

Edwin Carels: Sex Drive

Terry Harpold: Dry Leatherette. Postmodern Culture 1997 (on Crash)

Manuel Camblor: Death Drive's Joy Ride: David Cronenberg's Crash, In: Other Voices, v.1, n.3 (January 1999)

'Crash'-feature, American Cinematographer 1997

Dead Ringers and the Philosophy of Twins

"Crash (and burn?)" Responses to David Cronenberg's Crash, Film Studies Association of Canada




Stefan Höltgen on David Cronenberg (4 essays and 2 reviews)

Eine soziologische Untersuchung medialer Diskurse und Simulationen am Beispiel des Filmes eXistenZ (1998) von David Cronenberg



David Cronenberg: L´obsession du corps. (a Canal+ special on Cronenberg with interviews)

Cahiers du Cinéma (offline at the moment)



David Cronenberg: l'era della nuova carne (Italian), Cinema Studio


Paula Cordeiro: O equilíbrio simbólico das metáforas da realidade. (Análise do filme Naked Lunch de David Cronenberg) Universidade do Algarve 2001

Paula Cordeiro: Uma metáfora chamada “crash”. A inquietação do corpo – o erótico, anti erótico

José Luiz Aidar Prado: Crash!: é possível ainda distinguir o filme fetichista do filme sobre o fetichismo?

João Luiz Vieira / Luiz Antonio L. Coelho: Subjetividade virtual em “nova carne”. O fim do tempo, espaço e corpo orgânico no sujeito  recriado.



Laura Borràs Castanyer: eXistenZ, de David Cronenberg: ciberficciones para la posthumanidad

Naked Lunch Del manual de bricolage en Burroughs al texto conspirativo en Cronenberg , otrocampo



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Kömlődi Ferenc: Vírus- és cyborg-variánsok. David Cronenberg filmjei



David Cronenberg. Entretien avec un géant. English real video interview for

Metaphor Man (Cronenberg Interview, Spliced online 1999)

Sex, slime and gamesmanship Cronenberg throws a strike with eXistenZ, eye Magazine 1999

David Cronenberg interview for Creative Loafing, 1999

David Cronenberg on Friday The 13th: The Series, Fangoria #79

English real audio interview with Howard Shore, Bayerischer Rundfunk

Howard Shore questions his own eXistenZ, Movie Music U.K

No innocent objects, for 1996

Yours extremely, David Cronenberg and Bruce Wagner. (Interview magazine, Issue: August, 1996)

Brilliant Careers, Salon-magazine 1999

David Cronenberg Salon Magazine March 1997

Jeremy Irons / M. Butterfly  interview, for Mirabella 1993

Cronenberg interview, WSB 1992

Judy David on Naked Lunch, (several quicktime excepts)

e x t r e m e m e t a p h o r Chris Hall gives a crash course in the work of JG Ballard, Spike Magazine

John Waters on David Cronenberg´s Shivers,




German radio feature on eXistenZ (radio 1) real audio

Spider review

Filme aus der Trauma-Fabrik (A German article on Spider for Financial Times Deutschland 2001)

"David Cronenberg erklärt seinen Film", Berliner Zeitung interview (1999)

artechock interview (1999, German)

"Wir wollten keine Bombe basteln" (interview), Die Welt 1999

David Cronenberg interview for 1999

"Stephen King findet meine Filme lustig", Berliner Morgenpost 1999

Interview Stuttgarter Zeitung 1999

Interview, Junge Welt 1999


David le fantastique, "Je ne cesse de transgresser les lois de Hollywood" , L'Express du 16/11/2000

Cronenberg interview, Studio 1999 (excerpt) (French)


David Cronenberg interview for tempimoderni, 1996